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Wendy here.

Just back from a short trip to Philadelphia. The city has so much Deco and yes, I took pictures, although as anyone in or near Philly can tell you, this weekend’s weather was absolutely miserable. It was cold, windy and rainy pretty much the entire time and besides that my companion’s umbrella broke Saturday morning, so we were unable to take as many leisurely walks as we’d have liked. But I did get to visit and see some doozies, including today 30th Street Station, which is one of the most epic buildings I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, I’ll be posting pictures over to the Facebook page ( soon and will post to this blog, too, but only after I’ve finished up the ” Alphabet of Deco.” I’ve gotten to T now, so think I can finish within a couple of weeks. This whole series could’ve been finished by the end of 2013 but I keep being pulled away. Recently I had a major writing/editing project, involving using my spare time to edit and write short stories, and I also had some intense stuff going on at work, which made me just too tired to go have the fun that I have doing this blog.

So, in short: look for more posts soon, from all over the world, and then from Philadelphia and then probably from… who knows! Also, remember you can always submit things via


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