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Las Vegas High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
by Sid Penance

Pretty much one of the most gorgeous Deco school buildings ever. For more pics of the school and Deco in Las Vegas, here’s SP’s Flickr set.

From Wikipedia:

Las Vegas High School’s original campus was constructed in 1930 and opened in the fall of 1931. Las Vegas High was the first high school in Las Vegas, but caused much controversy at the time for its location. In the early 40’s, the High School was considered to be quite distant from the rest of the town and was a commute for some students. The school originally had three buildings, the tri-level Main building on the corner of 7th and Bridger, the Gymnasium, and a third building that was torn down in 1950. Las Vegas High School is now a landmark in Las Vegas for it represents the best of the Art-Deco Style Architecture of the 1930s, that still stands in the city. The school’s outer appearance has been maintained but the interior has been changed quite a bit since the original construction in the 30s.

During the late 1980s, the school district decided to build a new larger campus on the east side of Clark County. The original buildings that were Las Vegas High School is now the home to the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing, and Visual Arts, which opened in 1993.

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