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G… Geneva

Smith’s Opera House, Geneva, New York
by Bill Badzo

Discovered this while looking for something in Geneva, Switzerland.

The interior was redone in the 30s, while the outside (shown below) is older:

From Flickr:

Smith’s Opera House, also known as the Geneva Theater, is a historic theater building located at Geneva in Ontario County, New York. It was constructed in 1894 and is a three and a half story, detached brick and stone building. It was built by one of Geneva’s most respected citizens, William Smith. It was renovated in 1931 as a movie theater by architect Victor Rigaumount in a unique combination of Art Deco and Baroque motifs. The Geneva Theatre was renamed Smith Opera House in 1983.

NRHP Reference#: 02001454

82 Seneca St.,Geneva, New York

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