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theworldcrieswolf asked: I'm an aspiring architect, and your blog is riveting! I'm just a junior, so if you know any colleges in the continental states prestigious for their architectural design programs, care to share?

I only really know one architecture program and not from being in it, but from having friends who’ve gone through it, and that’s the College of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology here in Atlanta. That’s a pretty respected program and as a public school, fairly affordable. Bonus for being located in a major city.

From hanging out there with both an undergrad and a grad student (in city planning), my biggest problem with the program seemed to be a huge emphasis on experimental, modernist stuff which either didn’t seem practical or didn’t seem like it would work well in context. That’s what a lot of the student models looked like anyway. However, I think this emphasis might be prevalent in many architecture schools; students who want to “go back” to more traditional styles might have a harder time of it. I’ve heard the same is also true of art schools, which will nurture a student who wants to paint abstracts but tell someone who wants to do say pre-Raphaelite influenced stuff that they are living in a dream world. (Example of this, my friend Anne Sudworth who is brilliant but I believe dropped out of art school in frustration.)

The opinions expressed here are of course my own, based on talking to people in these fields. Anyone who has further info, feel free to contact theworldcrieswolf if you can?

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