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Modern Furniture Styles - 1934

British Pathe newsreel from 1934 featuring modern and stylish apartment blocks in London. The epitome of the stylish Deco lifestyle.

From Pathe:

Titles read: “NOW OUR SPECIAL SECTION for the Ladies - Feminine Pictorialities No. 10 - Modern Furniture Styles”.


Several exterior shots of modern and stylish apartment blocks in London - I think one of them is in a street off Tottenham Court Road.

In a “well-planned” living room (could be Pathe Studio or a display in an exhibition or department store) we see three women in evening dresses enter and lounge about. One pours drinks from a modern glassware collection, another smokes a cigarette and uses a large round ashtray. One woman opens up a fabulous wireless cabinet in grained wood and switches the radio on. There is a great rug in a typical 1930s design on the floor

In a bedroom set we see a girl in camiknickers sitting on a bed, talking on the telephone and flicking through a magazine. Another woman sits at the dressing table wearing a dressing gown. Very simplistic furniture. Miss Camiknickers takes something out of a wonderful, staggered chest of draws on the wall. M/S of a fabulous lamp that looks like Jupiter on a pole. Dressing gown woman puts on her stockings and garter, but not in a very sexy way (more like “Oh lawks, time to get dressed again”), then opens the top of another chest of drawers and preens while looking at the mirror in the lid. She takes her shoes out of a cupboard.

Note: this is excellent footage of a rather simplistic art deco home.

BTW, in a couple of week this blog will be featuring half a dozen of these newsreels. The Pathe newsreel archive is incredible!

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