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United States Appraisers’ Stores, Baltimore, Maryland
from the Library of Congress

Two views of a mid-1930s building originally built to serve the port. Just looked it up on Google Street View and was frankly surprised it was still standing, even looking good, considering how bad the interior looked in these shots.

From the LoC:

United States Appraisers’ Stores, 103 South Gay Street, Baltimore, Independent City, MD

The United States Appraisers’ Stores was constructed in 1935 by the U.S. Treasury Department to provide space for storing, appraising, and inspecting imported merchandise brought through the Port of Baltimore. The building is eight stories tall and contains a flat-plate, reinforced concrete structural system and a brick exterior, designed in the Art Deco style. It replaced an earlier similar, but much smaller, building of the same function.

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