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Lee Lawrie

From a Lawrie Scholar:

Just a note that all of your images shown on the Ramsey County Courthouse are the work of Lee Lawrie.  You can see more of his work at, and feel free to link to my site to share more of my photographs of his work.  He was the same sculptor that created the Atlas at Rockefeller Center. 


Greg Harm

Also, how do I comment on your site?  Thanks!

From Wendy:

Yes, I have put notes on several of them, as I do any time I notice the name — for example on the Nebraska State Capitol. Follow this link to see other work I’ve shared.

Re commenting, I have -just- added a comments function using Disqus so people can leave notes, like updates on whether buildings are still standing, additional links, etc.

I believe I already have your site bookmarked but I will go through it to do some sharing in the future.

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