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35 & 37 Winchester Street, Boston, Massachusetts
by Wendy Darling

I smiled when I spotted this pair of Modern townhouses in Boston’s Bay Village neighborhood. Most of the other townhouses in the area date to the early to mid 19th century. Looks like somebody decided to break the mold. Judging from the windows on 35 and the portholes, I would date this to the 1940s. (Correction / info? Send to me via the blog.)

Meanwhile, view on Google Street View here.

About Bay Village

Taken from a historic marker by Bay Village Park:

The character and charm of Bay Village owe much to Ephraim Marsh, its foremost developer. Marsh owned much of the area and laid out the streets in the 1820s. He also built some of the area’s finest houses, particularly on Fayette Street where he lived (at No. 1). His houses resembled those at 33-39 Fayette Street: three-story, simple brick row structures.

Ephraim Marsh was also contractor-builder on Broad Street and on Beacon Hill. In all, over 300 buildings in post-Revolutionary Boston are attributed to him.

For examples of more typical Bay Village townhouses, here are a couple I shot the same day (linking over to DeviantArt):

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